The Ethnological Research and Studies Center Of the department of Var is an association of the Loi type of 1901, created in 1996, its goal is to promote the local and regional ethnological inheritance, mainly for the department of the VAr (France).

It was given for object the scientific study of the techniques (to know and knowledge to make) old, recent and even sometimes forgotten, pertaining to a local culture. These techniques can result from fields as varied as agriculture, fishing, the feeding and well of others still. We also propose to have the same approach in the field of the traditions and the representations: myths, legendes and symbols, which are subjacent with the whole of these techniques.

The studies as well as the communication of the results can emanate from our own investigations, or be carried out at the request of various actors: local authorities, public or deprived companies, particular...

The share in the expenses depends on the importance of the investigations necessary.

Contact: Pierre Burvingt

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